Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally: Targeted ads for your alarm clock

This is just what I’ve always wanted:

chumby alarm clock

The simplest way to describe the Chumby is as an Internet-enabled alarm clock. It actually is a Linux-powered, WiFi-connected computer with a touchscreen in a palm-sized bean bag that is intended to replace your alarm clock.

You connect the Chumby to your home’s wireless network and then configure it from the company’s website by selecting various software widgets and organizing them into channels which then cycle endlessly on your Chumby’s 3.5-inch color LCD display.
the terms-of-use on the Chumby Website reserves the right for the company to insert its own widgets (a.k.a. advertisements) into my widget stream. Like everybody else in the Web 2.0 era, Chumby is hoping to subsidize its business and the Chumby network by selling ads.

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