Monday, September 08, 2008

One-click DVD copying

From the NY Times:

A vibrant movie rental market makes the threat of widespread DVD copying even more ominous. If people who lack technical knowledge can easily copy DVDs, Hollywood worries, they will stop buying DVDs and instead simply visit the local Blockbuster to “rent, rip and return.”

This is ridiculous. Nobody goes to Blockbuster anymore.

RealNetworks to Introduce a DVD Copier

via Silicon Alley Insider


john said...

well actually they do go to blockbusters and get DVD's mailed to them because the networks just are not fast enough to stream movies on demand although they are improving... IPTV is still very much in its infancy the article is ridiculous because this service of copying the DVD for backup has been sold as software and given away for free for LONG time commenting on it because realnetworks put out a press release is frankly annoying and why traditional news outlets should stay away from this kind of thing their writers just don't seem to have any contact with reality...


John Jones

p.s. cool name

ClassicTracksAudio said...

Hey. I didn't get surveyed. I went to Blockbuster last week. But it was to get DVD's to copy.

And the other John Jones needs some commas.


Brad said...

I totally disagree :-) I was given a giftcard to Blockbuster and went last week, granted it had been 2 years since I had been! What people are also doing is renting or watching movies 'On Demand" through their cable service and creating mammoth DVD libraries. At least that's what I do.