Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google’s market for Android

Google's AndroidClay Spinuzzi has posted an interesting analysis of Google’s positioning of Android, its mobile phone software. Spinuzzi argues that Google is targeting the product between the business (Blackberry) and consumer (iPhone) markets, looking instead to tap the small enterprise market.

Google is going to use Android to facilitate latent connections among emergent organizations and organizational forms, such as federations and coworking. It’s not focusing on a tightly controlled consumer experience, like the iPhone, or a tightly controlled corporate infrastructure, like the Blackberry or WinMobile devices. It’s going to focus on the many small businesses that have to do B2B collaboration, the professionals who have to be increasingly mobile while facilitating face-to-face meetings, the loose collaboration that is increasingly characterizing knowledge work.

The intriguing question here is: How long will Google be satisfied with this market before it begins to expand to the others?

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