Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FriendFeed is the new hotness

screenshot of FriendFeed app in FacebookI’ve really been enjoying FriendFeed over the last few days. The service aggregates activity from a number of different sources—blog feeds, Twitter, Flickr photo streams—into a single activity stream, and allows users to follow the activity streams of friends (here’s my stream). The site has now released an API:

FriendFeed Launches API - It’s About to Get Very Interesting

In his post, Marshall Kirkpatrick points out that 80% of Twitter use comes through its API, and I wouldn’t be surprised if FriendFeed is the next Twitter. The only drawback for the site is that it is a little too comprehensive: most users aren’t going to want to share all the information that FriendFeed aggregates. However, I have found the site to be very helpful in reducing some of the clutter on my Facebook page. Now that I’ve got Twitter,, and my blogs routed through FriendFeed, I don't need those apps on my profile page.

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