Monday, January 21, 2008

Humans v. algorithms: Search edition

ReadWrite Web has posted a rough transcript of a conversation between the advocates of rival search-engine technologies: Wikio founder and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and Mahalo’s Jason Calacanis. Wikio is an attempt by Wales to create an open, user-generated search algorithm, while Mahalo uses people to power their search results. It’s a pretty interesting conversation about two of the most interesting projects trying to take down Google.

Update: Wikia is the search engine; Wikio is something else (thanks, Jim).

’Nother update: Apparently, Wikio, which was originally attributed to Wales in the story I link to above, is a startup by former Netvibes CEO Pierre Chappaz. ReadWrite Web has corrected their post.


Jim said...

Hi, John. I think you might mean "Wikia" instead of "Wikio":

Though, I went to Wikio, and it looks like a pretty interesting service - similar to Digg maybe?

John Jones said...

You’re right. I was following an error made in the article. I thought the search engine it was Wikia, but I knew it was in beta and I just assumed that Wales had changed the name.

Anyway, thanks for the correction.