Monday, January 28, 2008

Huddle creates Facebook app, takes on Basecamp

huddle logoHuddle has added a Facebook app to compete with Basecamp. From TechCrunch:

The Facebook integration will make your boss think you are working even when you’re on Facebook—as it allows full access to all Huddle’s tools. And the new Huddle Desktop application will let you drag and drop new documents between the desktop and Huddle’s service. Also included is OpenSAM Integration where you create, view and edit documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel within Huddle through embedded Web Office tools from iNetWord, EditGrid and Preezo.

But unlike Basecamp the free version of Huddle includes three team workspaces, one Gigabyte of document space and unlimited team members (Basecamp doesn’t go this far on either count). After that there are paid-for options.

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